Frequently Asked Questions

I am brand new to Yoga. Which classes are suitable for me ?

This is a very common question, and we have a great answer for you ! If you're brand new, we recommend clearing out your schedule as much as possible, and purchasing our "2 Weeks Unlimited" yoga plan. This will allow you to try as many class styles and teachers as you like, with a minimal financial investment. We have found that every student is different, and will find unique classes and teachers that fit their life, regardless of level of experience

I am pregnant, recently had a baby, or recently had surgery or suffered an injury. Can I still attend yoga or fitness  class? 

Yes, you may still attend class. We recommend you get clearance from your physician, and start with our gentler classes, which are Tai Chi, Adaptive Yoga, Gentle Morning Yoga, Yin & Meditation, Belly Dancing for Fitness,  and All Levels Yin(ish). Nearly any class can be modified, as long as you listen to and honor your body 

Where are your classes located?

The Tranquil Lake Studio is located at 678 Grand St , Vermilion, Ohio 44089.We  are on the 1st floor , please enter through the front of the building and walk through Railway Barbershop to get to our studio. For 2021, we also have regular outdoor classes at Victory Park (corner of Ohio and Main Sts.,Vermilion OH) and  Showse Park (  3325 Edgewater Dr. Vermilion, OH 44089). 

Do I have to register Online, or do you take Walk-Ins?

As Covid restrictions ease, we are delighted to begin accepting walk-ins. We will also continue to take online registrations. Students can attend and pay for class in a variety of ways. You may do everything online, including creating an account ,purchasing a class plan(this discounts the price you pay per class),and registering for individual classes. You can also choose to purchase a class plan punch card, which still discounts your price, but with the punch card, you may choose to walk in to classes versus registering online. Lastly, you are welcome to simply drop into any studio or outdoor class. For outdoor classes, we ask that you bring cash if possible(single classes are $13), or venmo the studio @Tranquil-Lake-Yoga. For studio classes, you may pay with card, cash, or venmo.  If none of the payment options listed are available , its okay, we will collect your email and can invoice you for class.

This can seem confusing but is actually fairly simple. If you go the punch card route, you will not be registered, so there is no issue. If you choose to register online, we recommend that you download our mobile app AND create a log-in(to create a login, simply use your email and create a password). This allows you to register, cancel, and reschedule all of your classes, along with managing any class plans or memberships, at the touch of a button! To download the Tranquil Lake app on your mobile device, go to the App Store and download "Spaces by Wix" then enter  code WBRLLW. If you have issues with the app or are experiencing technical difficulties, please call or text Megan at 440.506.2515. You may also email Megan at We are here to help you ! 

What if I can't make it to class and I already registered? 

What do I need to bring to class?

The most important thing you can bring to any of our Yoga or Fitness Classes is an Open Mind. Every one of our nine teachers are kind, nurturing, and deeply focused on helping others. You will have a better class experience if you wear comfortable, layered clothing and bring water. For our outdoor classes, you will need to bring your own mat(although a towel, blanket, or sheet will work) .For Tai Chi classes, we recommend flat shoes and loose, comfortable clothing. For Belly Dance and Yoga classes, comfortable, stretchy fabrics work nicely, but we honestly wouldn't care if you showed up in your PJ's! We have also stocked the studio with enough props for 11 students, so again, don't worry . If you don't own a yoga mat/blocks. straps, we have you covered. 

Should I eat or drink before class?

This is a great question. You always want to be hydrated, this will reduce the risk of injury and dehydration. We recommend you don't eat a full meal for about 3 hours before class, although light snacks are fine. With Many yoga poses, and aerobic activity in general, having a full stomach can be very uncomfortable

The short answer is, absolutely not ! If you do have a solid practice at home, that's fantastic, we are honored to have you come to our studio. But we are also equally honored to be the place  you feel comfortable growing into that stronger, more flexible, more in shape version of You. And honestly, Yoga, Fitness, and Wellness is about so  much more then how we look. Our goal at Tranquil Lake is to help you Feel, Love, and Be, your very best self. The strength, energy, and  improved body tone are just nice bonuses. 

Do I need to be strong ,flexible, and in great shape to take yoga or fitness classes? 

How does Tranquil Lake communicate class cancellations or changes ?

Another great question. If we need to move locations  (i.e. take our outdoor classes inside die to inclement weather, or change from Victory Park to Showse Park , we will make a post on our Facebook and Instagram pages ,no later then 1hour prior to class start time. If our teachers experiences a last minute emergency, and we are unable to find a substitute, we will email or call all scheduled students to alert you of the cancellation, in addition to posting on our FB and IG pages. 

I have another question?

Thanks so much for your question, we are happy to hear from you. We will get back to you in 72 hours or less. If your question is urgent, please call or text Megan at 440.506.2515