February at Tranquil Lake -A Focus on Love

This month at Tranquil Lake , we are exploring four different types of Love. As I have said in class, we are not narrowing in on romantic love. While Romantic love is certainly relevant, I feel that our culture already exaggerates it's importance. There are so many other types of love, and all are equally present in our lives. For the first week of February, we will focus on Self-Love. Next, the Love of Friendship.

Thirdly, familial love, which can encompass parents, children, siblings, and even spouses. Finally, we will focus on the Love of Mankind(also known as love of the Universe, the greater good, etc.). We are very excited to offer this month of heart openers, and we hope to see you in the studio to expand on these topics.

With Love,

The Tranquil Lake Team

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