Professionals Who Credit Yoga and Meditation to their Success

Updated: Nov 2

Yoga has surged in popularity worldwide if yoga mat sales are any indication. According

to , the global yoga mat market is expected to grow from $10.76 billion in 2021 to $11.37 billion by the end of this year. In the US alone, around 55 million Americans practiced yoga in 2021 and spent $16 billion on equipment, classes, clothing, and accessories. Yoga presents many benefits for those who practice it; besides physical fitness, it offers reduced stress levels and improved flexibility. Yoga also opens up opportunities for meditation, giving practitioners greater relaxation and clarity to face their problems, as we discussed in our post "No is a Complete Sentence" . In the case of professionals at the

top of their fields, yoga and meditation provide some much-needed relief from work. Listed below are some professionals and celebrities who rely on yoga as their exercise routines:

Lady Gaga

Credit: @ladygaga on Instagram

Singer-songwriter Lady Gaga is a professional well-known for her image reinventions and musical versatility. When it comes to performances, she simultaneously dances and sings, which can make the routine incredibly draining. To stay in tip-top shape, Lady Gaga engages in several exercises, including Pilates, yoga, and swimming. Yoga is the

exercise she has maintained the longest, having taken classes on the practice while she was a student at NYU in 2004. In addition to exercise, Lady Gaga also practices transcendental meditation (TM) to help her relax after a hard day of rehearsals.

Daniel Negreanu

Credit: @dnegspoker on Instagram

Poker is a high-pressure game of strategy where players must handle their emotions well. As such, it's no surprise

that top poker player Daniel Negreanu  is a yoga enthusiast. Negreanu has been one of the biggest poker stars for over 20 years, winning over $42 million in live tournament wins, an almost unbeatable record. He even cashed in on 37 of the 85 events at the 2020 WSOP Online Bracket Series, three years after rightfully claiming an induction into the Poker Hall of Fame. To deal with any bad losses, Negreanu takes the time to do breathing exercises. He also does this before he plays to prepare himself for the felt. Away from the poker table, he does yoga, meditation,

journaling, and writing as part of his daily routine.

Robert Downey Jr.

Credit: Robert Downey Jr Fan Club on YouTube

Although famous actor Robert Downey Jr.  has retired from his role as Iron Man from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he hasn’t slowed down in his acting career. He has several movies and shows on his plate, such as Oppenheimer (2023), Johnny’s Inferno (2022), and Sherlock Holmes 3, in addition to raising his family — all of which take a lot of time and effort. Downey practices yoga and Wing Chun Kung Fu three or more times a week to

relax, helping him stay fit even in his mid-50s.

Fabian Broich


More people stayed indoors in recent years, leading to a decrease in physical activity and, in turn, a declining health

among the public. This especially affects eSports players who already spend most of their time training on their computers. To combat these growing health concerns, Excel eSports Performance Coach Fabian Broich started integrating exercise and good nutrition as part of his team’s daily routine. As a former professional soccer player from Germany, Broich understands the importance of focusing on one’s health to ensure maximum performance, so he has been leading his team to foster healthy habits. They start their days with proper stretching, relying on yoga combined with breathing exercises to relax and move — which puts them in a mindset geared towards success.

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