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iphone and its not working ive tried everything what is the default player in ubuntu? what's a good website and.. like, does it need internet to play? novaspirit, vlc media player, it can play most formats, avi, mp3, flash mp4 Oh thanks !info vlc vlc (source: vlc): multimedia player and streamer. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.1.3-1 (utopic), package size 1394 kB, installed size 3916 kB do i need windows media player to watch a video? why? airking, what do you want to watch ? kostkon: a video in youtube kostkon: i'm sorry i'm new to ubuntu :$ airking, you need to install one of the browsers that support html5 video, flash or something else. Firefox, chrome, Opera all have support for it. Other browsers such as chrome or firefox need to install an extension to watch html5 video. airking, i am not familiar with youtube or any other site for that matter airking, or you could use a different video streaming site like and see if it works there. airking, or just do it via vlc ok. thanks airking, you can also browse your computer for videos and videos shared on your pc, for instance, this way oh, I know that one thanks :D kostkon: what's a good way to install flash player? if you don't mind telling :D




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X Force Adobe Cs6 Keygen Crack [Latest] 2022

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